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La Salsa de Tapas experience comes out of the dark age of web development.

Following our successful acquisition of the hosting and development of this site we have now pulled down the old website, which to be honest was outdated to say the least. Difficult to work on and with zero SEO the last remnants of the site disappeared yesterday. And what a clean, fresh new look…

Check it out here

Naturally our clients are delighted with it, however, this is only the start. With major development planned for 2016 the site should be viewed as a starting block only. This is a fantastic foundation to carry this brand forward into next year and gives La Salsa a brilliant edge over their local competitors.

HTML email add on

La Salsa also wanted an email to go out to their existing subscribers to announce not only the launch of the site, but their plans for the festive period and the launch of their new Spanish breakfast! The simple, clean look is carried through from the site to this (you can view it here) and was flooded out to hundreds of subscribers last night, with full reporting included.

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